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We are a global multi-service firm with deep knowledge of the electronic payments ecosystem

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Our DNA is comprised of 3 key elements of success: innovation, problem solving and business development.

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Our global footprint is focused in the North & Latin American region as well as the Caribbean region, but we are rapidly expanding to new territories such as Europe, Africa & Oceania

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We can create, test, and deploy tailor-made solutions to overcome (virtually) any business challenge by being an innovation enabler & problem-solver for our clients

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We deeply understand our clients’ business challenges to provide strategic guidance and act as enablers to create any solution from scratch

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Management & Implementation
  • Organization
Customer Intelligence Inc - Sales, Marketing & Communications

We continuously study our clients’ target audience to create remarkable experiences by connecting through creative & powerful concepts, messages, and campaigns.

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We assist our clients by fulfilling any operation’s need through specialized services & talent to reach their day-to-day goals under best- in-class compliance guidelines.

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We gather comprehensive knowledge to create compelling methodologies & tools to share best practices and insights with our clients’ staff and promote continuous improvement.

Customer Intelligence Inc - Sales & Bussiness Development

We are always eager to identify and capture new market opportunities to help our clients increase their business revenue & profit margins.

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We continuously seek and foster new alliances & partnerships to strengthen our clients’ value proposition & shorten time-to-market under best- in-class compliance guidelines.

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We can staff the appropriate Tech Experts to our clients to help them design & implement any solution our clients may ask for.

Customer Intelligence Inc - Tailor-made solutions

We can create, test, and deploy tailor-made solutions to overcome (virtually) any business challenge by being an innovation enabler & problem-solver for our clients. Contact us!


Success Cases

Customer Intelligence Inc - USA Success Case
Success Case 1

Country: USA

Challenge: A top payments aggregator had a strong presence across USA but had experienced difficulties to penetrate the Hispanic market (merchants with Hispanic owners or Spanish-speaking operators).


  • Characterize and size up the Hispanic market (volume, location, industries, average revenue, etc.)
  • Run a benchmark study for sales & customer service strategies from other strong payment aggregators/competitors
  • Provide recommendations to penetrate the Hispanic market
  • Redesign the sales, distribution and customer service strategy

Results: Identification of a business potential of $21.6B USD throughout 1.8 million Hispanic merchants across USA.

Customer Intelligence Inc - Jamaica Success Case
Success Case 2

Country: Jamaica

Challenge: A top bank in The Caribbean had recorded a decrease in cardholder spending which threatened the business line’s profit margins while the adoption for cardholders to e-commerce & international purchases (card-not-present & cross border) transactions was slow.


  • Segment the target audience & universe
  • Design a compelling digital campaign, customer journey & mechanics
  • Launch a digital marketing campaign (social media, landing page, and emails)
  • Provide incentives, rebates & experiences for cardholders spending in e-commerce and international transactions
  • Create strategic partnerships with local businesses
  • Monitor campaign execution & results

Results: Increase of 22% in transactions in a 2-month period campaign, reaching up to $27M USD.

Customer Intelligence Inc - Mexico Success Case
Success Case 3

Country: Mexico

Challenge: A top bank in Europe & LATAM had recorded decrease in credit cards approval rate due to fraud prevention practices on the acquiring side of the business (merchants).


  • Map and analyze the authorization & fraud prevention process (focused on acquiring)
  • Review, measure, and report process KPIs
  • Develop a comprehensive dashboard
  • Provide recommendations to improve approval rates based on best practices
  • Support on the implementation of recommendations

Results: Increase of 10% in approval rate on the acquiring side (merchants).

Customer Intelligence Inc - Colombia Success Case
Success Case 4

Country: Colombia

Challenge: A top Bank in LATAM had a large debit card portfolio not able to do e-commerce & international (card-not-present & cross-border) transactions during the pandemic, so a digital product update was required.


  • Segment and prioritize the portfolio & cardholders
  • Run a business case and estimate the incremental revenue
  • Analyze bank’s readiness for a digital product update and identification of gaps
  • Provide and implement recommendations to close gaps
  • Launch the digital product update for the debit portfolio
  • Design a real-time dashboard with performance KPIs

Results: A successful digital product update for 4 million debit cards including key features (e-commerce & international transactions).

Customer Intelligence Inc - Panama Success Case
Success Case 5

Country: Panama

Challenge: A top bank has struggled with its branding & positioning efforts to become a top-of-mind financial institution for local citizens.


  • Assess and select a worldwide event (an European soccer league) to become an official sponsor and increase bank’s engagement levels
  • Define a sponsorship launch event plan (objective, scope, participants, creative concept, logistics, etc.)
  • Execute the sponsorship event with a minute-by-minute coverage
  • Provide incentives, merchandising and prizes for event winners
  • Monitor campaign execution & results

Results: Welcomed 300+ key participants in the event while 29 journalists covered the event at a nationwide scale.


We truly see our clients as allies & partners because we seek and foster long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships

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We promote openness & transparency with all of our clients and collaborators to create a remarkable work environment and guarantee client satisfaction

Customer Intelligence Inc - Client
Business Consultant

“Engaged team with accelerated growth, company’s C-level and leadership very present in the day-to-day, including periodic meetings with the team. They focus a lot on the well-being of collaborators and quality of delivery.”

Customer Intelligence Inc - Client
CEO/Country Manager from a Top Worldwide Card Brand Association

“Customer Intelligence is the type of company we need to make our company grow because they are highly flexible and embedded into our value chain”

Business Philosophy

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance):

Customer Intelligence Inc - ESG

Environmental: We foster sustainable business practices from the inside out, to reduce our carbon footprint on our daily activities.

Social: We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a powerful work environment because the most valuable asset is our human capital. The collective sum of individual differences represents our company’s culture, reputation, and achievements.

Governance: We encourage transparency and accountability on every decision we make, and continuously monitor compliance & risk management practices.

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We are eager to find new & diverse talent across the globe to join our team and continue thriving within the electronic payments industry. Contact us!


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